By plane. The Liberia Airport is serviced by a variety of major airlines and is the preferred airport for anyone traveling to Playa del Coco and to Tropical Gardens vacation villas. We are only 15 miles from the airport. Air Berlin, Air Canada, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Jetblue, Nature Air (Domestic), Sansa (Domestic), Taca, United, US Airways, West Jet and other charter airlines travel to Costa Rica direct into the Liberia International Airport from the U.S. If you do choose to fly into San Jose, who have is recommended to take a hopper flight into Liberia; these connector flights take approximately 45 minutes (compared to 4 hours by car) and are affordable.

By bus. If you want to connect to Playa del Coco from San Jose by bus you have to go to the PULMITAN DE LIBERIA bus terminal in San Jose's city center and take a bus that will take you directly to Playa del Coco. Send us an email for the latest timetables.

Driving Directions
1. From Liberia International Airport, turn right from the airport and follow the signs toward Playa Del Coco (also known as El Coco).
2. After passing the "Do It" store (approximately 19 kilometers from the airport), you will see street signs to Playa Del Coco. Turn right here (onto Rt. 151 which may or may not be marked).
3. Continue on Rt. 151 toward Playa Del Coco another 6 kilometers until reaching downtown El Coco (but before the beach). Turn right on Chorrera, on the corner between The Lizard and Zouk Santana night clubs.
4. Continue on Chorrera toward El Pueblito Shopping Center (also watch for signs for La Dolce Vita restaurant located in El Pueblito). Tropical Gardens offices are located inside El Pueblito Shopping Center on the first floor.